Lighthouse Capital Group

Lighthouse Capital Group (LCG) is a full service lender that has offered exceptional quality personal mortgage lending services in the Southern California area for over 25 years.

Big Storm refreshed LCG’s branding by reworking their Lighthouse logo and updating their typography. Once we expanded this into a fully developed identity, we went forward with reorganizing their content to be succinct and clearly structured. To wrap everything up, we then with built a mobile-first, responsive website with a new system of highly custom forms.

Brand Refresh

Big Storms first task: update LCG’s branding to tighten up typography and bring the logo up to date with contemporary styling allowing for a more versatile usage of the brand’s mark.

Colors were also reconsidered and an expanded upon which were then applied to the logos that rested on darker colors. Additional forms of the logo, a single color and inline version, were also developed to account for different possible branding environments.

Brand Expansion

In order to create the most dynamic and visually interesting brand identity while maintaining a structured and systematic appearance, Big Storm developed an expanded palette of colors to represent the various solutions LCG offers. These colors help distinguish each section from one another and enhance the user experience to be more navigable and clear.

It was important to keep a consistent tone and style with the illustrations. Color coding them to the sections they belong keeps things orderly and intelligible. Icons carry a similar tone to their corresponding illustrations, but are simplified to be quickly discerned from one another.

Responsive Website

Consumers expect the web to be accessible and user-friendly from all their devices; Big Storm understands this expectation and goes to great lengths in developing and testing to insure all users have a smooth uninhibited experience. LCG was no exception; developed with mobile first approach meant that users will get a full experience from any mobile screen all the way up to desktop sizes.

The layout of the responsive site incorporates the newly refreshed logo, expanded identity system and reorganized content. The homepage introduces visitors to LCG’s three principal solutions allowing them to narrow down their specific needs quickly and efficiently. The homepage also features a robust responsive slider that spotlights specific solutions with corresponding headlines.

Contacting LCG was also improved by including a starter contact form at the bottom of each solution page. This form captures the visitor’s name and contact info before directing them to a form more tailored for their needs.