The GreenBox is an innovative product that upstages a traditional pizza box by adding utility, utilizing sustainable materials, reducing carbon footprints and diverting waste from landfills. This patented invention tears apart, providing serving plates and a storage container.

Web Design/Development

The GreenBox website features a one of a kind product order page which provides a highly intuitive ordering experience to the user. Freight shipping options from multiple sources are gathered and presented during the checkout process creating further efficiency.

Intuitive Checkout

Our goal was to create the simplest checkout process for GreenBox customers. With a sliding javascript menu and a clean aesthetic these 4 easy steps effortlessly guide users from start to finish.

Freight Quote API

The GreenBox site sells their product by the pallet, and as you can imagine, calculating freight shipping from multiple sources is not a simple task. To accomplish this we located and integrated the perfect API which allows customers to choose shipping rates and options from several different shipping providers.