Dripp is a coffee bar that strives to offer only the most amazing tasting stuff. This means the freshest beans, light roasts and perfect grinds for your choice of coffee or espresso. Oh ya, and ice cream sandwiches stacked your way. Combine that with a cool atmosphere and friendly employees and you have one heck of a spot.

Dripp came to us with the challenge of optimizing their site's coding, designing more effective layouts, correcting typographic inconsistencies, and enhancing the overall user experience. Big Storm tackled these and many other problems to deliver Dripp the same high quality website their customers should expect from high-end specialty coffee bar.

Responsive Design

Big Storm evaluated Dripp's website identifying the many issues, then took all the corrective action needed to update the site and make for the best possible user-experience. This meant re-developing the theme for Dripp's CMS, Wordpress, to make it completely responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop users.

While updating this theme Big Storm corrected many problems affecting the layout of the site. We also updated content of the site to keep the writing in a consistent tone while fixing many errors in spelling and grammar. Then we updated the sites typography while correcting typographic errors. Finally, we cleaned up the entire UI to make it look outstanding for Hi-Def and Retina screens.