Big Storm

Striking Brand Development.

What's the deal with Big Storm?

Our Values

Design is simply the process of planning something out. Of course, depending on the details and execution of that plan, the results can vary greatly. A good design is essential in order to communicate with your audience effectively. It should clearly convey your message by accentuating sections of your information with strategic precision.

At Big Storm we value good design and believe it should never be sacrificed.

Substance Behind the Name

Brainstorming is a vital component of the creative process. Luckily, it is also our strong suit. Think of us as the guide to your goal on Brainstorm Rd. The forecast may seem staggering when embarking; but, the path is always clearly visible after the Big Storm. Cheesy? We know, but we wouldn’t want you to go it alone.

About the Owner


Andrew's background in visual communication is accented by a multi-faceted skillset that includes content strategy and project management. He's one for details and likes to ensure even the smallest task is handled with care. Design is his labor of love, but Andrew also enjoys discovering new music and has appreciation for a good craft brew.

Illustrations by: Tyler Fontes